John Deere

Lubricant Solutions app for iOS & Android

The Brief

Create a fun iOS & Android app that appeals to the next generation of young farmers as well as providing solid value for existing customers of John Deere machinery and lubricants.

Challenge Accepted

We built the John Deere Lubricant Solutions app, available on iTunes and Google Play. It’s packed with product news, innovations and tips to get the best from your equipment.

For the younger farmers there’s ‘Harvest Go!’, a head-to-head farming game where players challenge each other to see who can harvest the most crop before their fuel runs out. The game has lots of collectables and upgrades, making gameplay deepen the more you play.

‘My Fleet’ tracks the use of each of your farm vehicles and automatically sends notifications when maintenance is due, helping farmers to keep everything running smoothly and minimise downtime.

There’s also a full set of technical data sheets for John Deere greases and lubricants, containing all the key performance data and safety information required when servicing farm machinery.


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JD Lubricant Solutions Play Store listing.
JD Lubricant Solutions on Google Play store.

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