Playful ad campaign for HTC phones and tablets.

Featuring touchscreen stylus demos.

Fun, attention grabbing content.

Key device features made to feel real.

HTC Device Family

Tandem Campaign

Briefcase iconThe Brief

Illustrate what makes these HTC devices great, by highlighting the power, speed and graphics of our flagship phones and tablets.

Challenge Accepted

These ads were a lot of fun. We created a campaign built around online tandem ads; two or more linked adverts shown at the same time. Phones fly from one side of the screen to the other, exploding out of their little boxes and racing down the page.

Key features, like screen resolution & processing power were made to feel tactile, using gorgeous hero images set against a crisp white background.

The whole campaign was crafted with impactful animation and special effects to further elevate the campaign.

More case studies

HTC Quietly Brilliant
Campaign video end card

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