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It’s never been a more exciting time to be in the technology sector, with regular breakthroughs in efficiencies, Internet of Things (IoT), synthetic fuels & renewables and 5G rollout regularly hitting headlines and trending on social media; it’s a topic never far from people’s minds.

Gaining loyalty in the social space

Increased social awareness creates a desire to consume readily accessible information about the (sometimes quite complex) process behind your business.

This desire to learn can be viewed as a form of social exchange. Your potential customer invests time in learning about you in exchange for interesting facts they may not have known before. This social exchange leads to increased trust in your brand, which in turn leads to loyalty and commitment.

Product Experience Sites by Animate Designs

What you do is amazing, fascinating, it’s alchemy, practical witchcraft. And our 12 years of experience has taught us that when a company performs magic, people want to know exactly how it happens.

An experiential site will feed their curiosity, allowing your customers to get to know your company, service or flagship product in an interactive and engaging way.

For John Deere, we used gamification to help players experience first-hand the unique benefits of their equipment. Whilst the site we built for Shell allowed customers around the world to access tips, tricks & tutorials just by scanning their lubricant packs. Finally for Rolls Royce we created a place where students can design their own posters featuring images of jet engines and facts about the role of science in modern engineering.

There are endless possibilities that could be the perfect fit for your business. We can create personal experiences that translate to unique shareable content, boosting your social presence and building deep customer relationships.

Turn Flat Data into Shareable Infographics

You’ve got data, tonnes of it, some completely unique to your business but it’s wasted if your customers can’t visualise it. You might have generated 75 Megawatt-Hours of energy, produced 9000 Metres of steel beams or saved 110,000 Kilos of carbon, but it’s so much more real to tell people you generated enough energy to drive a Tesla to the moon; produced enough steel to reach the peak of Everest; saved the same amount of carbon as 5,000 trees.

We can work with you to identify data-points that have promotion potential, either company-wide or for a specific product, and help your customers see the value of this by creating catchy, shareable infographics.

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Rethink Your Business Logic

Customer satisfaction is key to building loyalty and trust in your business, but when things go wrong, mistakes made and opportunities missed, that trust can be eroded.

Bespoke productivity apps have helped our clients improve efficiency, ease customer friction and dramatically reduce errors in their day-to-day activities.


Manage every order from first contact to completion with built in audit trails. Easily generate reports, identifying problems and bottlenecks early. Trackers can reflect your existing workflow, promoting best practices at all times.

Bespoke Tools

Custom calculators and estimation tools take the pain out of repetitive data collection and conversion tasks. Annotate technical documents, diagrams and videos with ease. Sales tools enable your team to place orders in real time with the client.

Document Library

Digital storage for all your important files, categorised, indexed and searchable. Drill down to the information you need quickly and easily.


Enable customers to provide direct, fine-grained feedback. Make comments on proposals, documents and images. Get client approvals with traceable metadata.

Our apps are built in collaboration with you, with careful consideration of your specific business needs, so that you receive tooling that just works.

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What our clients say

We wanted to get this over to you as quickly as possible so as not to interrupt the development. It’s great to see this in action and we are over all really happy with how it’s coming along.

Lifestyle Marketing

We’re passionate about great advertising, and we’re not just talking about shouting special offers or explaining your offering; we want to get people to imagine living with your product, and really see how your service can make things better and easier for them.

We can create a campaign perfectly suited to your product that connects with customers in a very real and impactful way that sparks their imagination. Honesty that cuts through the current over-saturation of advertising that over promises and under delivers.

With a rich narrative crafted around your business, our campaigns feel genuine, considered and different.

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